March 1, 2012

Glasses + going veggie

First of all: if you're following me on GFC, are my posts still showing up with the new url? I heard that they don't appear anymore now that I changed the url :/ You can try to follow me again (if that's possible) or follow me via bloglovin or twitter

Yes I'm wearing glasses haha! "Real" Ray Ban's for 3 euros :D I only wear them because I think they make me look smarter. Also, these are my new shoes! They match everything I wear and they don't hurt my feet (yet) AND I'm so in love with my bag :D Okay I'll stop bragging about my stuff now. I hate it when other bloggers do that but I'm just as bad!

I seriously need to cut my fringe! At the hairdresser's of course, I'm not doing that myself! Actually I did cut it a bit but it was uneven and looked weird. 
Jumping photo, just because it's funny:

I think I'm going to call it an early night, I've been so busy with schoolwork (believe it or not) and uhm, staying up late with friends :) I've cooked an excellent curry yesterday that I'm going to share with you soon if you like, it's vegetarian because I'm taking part in the 'Days without meat' (Dagen zonder vlees) project that is running in Belgium: instead of fasting for 40 days because no one actually does that anymore, you don't eat meat for 40 days. The campaign wants to make people conscious of the effects of meat on the environment and ecological footprint, and I'm not really eating much meat anyway because I care about the environment and one of my best friends is a vegetarian so we cook meat-less very often, so it shouldn't be too difficult! You can join the group here or just participate on your own - I think I'll be sharing some vegetarian recipes here while I'm doing the challenge. 

Good night!