March 31, 2012

Holiday Photos: Rabat

Are you tired already of my holiday picture posts? Too bad, because here's another bunch of them! After Meknes, we took an exhausting 3-hour train ride to Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Luckily we found a cheap hotel in the middle of the old city and after some rest we were off to explore the city. Like every old city in Morocco, Rabat has lots of souks and shopping streets:

Our first stop was the old kasbah (fortress) and the Andalusian gardens, but unfortunately we were too late and they were closed :( Luckily we could still go see the amazing view from the city walls:

It was windy over there!

VERY windy :D

The sun had already set when we returned to the old city for dinner: Delicious lamb and vegetable tajine + mint tea for two for 7 euros! Unbelievable how cheap and good the food is when you compare it with our standards...
The next day we got up early to visit the gardens:

And took a walk in the pretty neighbourhood (kinda reminds me of Greece!):

SO. DELICIOUS. I could eat the whole plate!
Next we went to the tower of Hassan and the mausoleum of Mohammed V, the former king of Morocco. Of course, it was closed :( The outside was pretty too, though:

Our last stop was the royal palace, of which we couldn't get pictures because of the security everywhere! No kidding, taking pictures of governemental buildings or policemen is forbidden in Morocco. So we walked around the palace instead:

Aaaah, I miss the sun...
In the evening we ate harira, a traditional Moroccan dish. It's a spicy soup with vegetables, spaghetti and meat, delicious &<33 I already found a recipe online so I'll try to make it myself soon!
Last picture because it's funny:

I fail at packing! My boyfriend had already packed his bag and gone for breakfast (delicious pancakes for 20cents a piece <3) and when he returned he found me like this. I always tried to sneak some of my stuff into his bag, but no such luck :( Also, yes: the entire room was pink and neon blue. At least no psychedelic tiles here!

I still have about four holiday picture posts coming up! By the time I'll be finished with those I can start with the next trip (Turkey in summer), haha. Btw, I just found out that Istanbul has one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe, sounds promising :D
Oh and while we're on the subject of travelling: my parents are going to London next weekend and I'm dying of jealousy. Especially after seeing Valentine's post on her (already 27th!) trip to London... You should really check out her blog btw, she's one of my favourite bloggers <3

Have a great weekend!

March 27, 2012


I know, I know, I'm probably the last one to post about this OMG ITS SPRING/SUMMER/SUNNY-thing but I've been enjoying the sun too much, haha =D Time passes so quickly when you're sitting on your ass eating ice cream, doesn't it?? Anyway, I had a lovely weekend! On friday I went to a local pub with some friends, there was a great deal on mojitos so we had to get some! That resulted in this kind of situations:

I wasn't drunk! ;) *pinkyswear*
Saturday I went to my boyfriend's, we enjoyed the sun :D (yes, again! We have to enjoy it while it lasts, you never know July-August will be all crappy weather like we had last year) and in the evening went babysitting for his nephews. Cuteness overload! But not before I had dragged him to take my pictures:

Being silly, as usual!

First time wearing sandals again!

Uhm, yeah...

Aaaah <3

I edited these pictures a bit so they look retro-ish! You like???
I have some posts ready for this week so stay tuned! Exotic cooking and stuff :)

March 19, 2012

Recipe: Quick potato & peas curry

We all have those days we have so little time for cooking or anything else besides schoolwork (as I'm having at the moment). On these days you need something easy and quick, like this delicious potato and peas curry! It takes only half an hour or something to prepare and it tastes amazing. I used this recipe as the base but added some ingredients. Don't ask me about measurements: I always guess how much I need of everything! Depends on how hungry you are ;)

What you need (4 persons):
- potatoes 
- 1 can of coconut milk (about 400 ml I think?)
- frozen peas (I had to use canned peas because our deep freezer doesn't work, boo!)
- curry powder (at least 3 tablespoons, but as I said: taste and add if you like!)
- ginger powder (1 teaspoon)
- garlic powder (1 teaspoon)
- salt if needed
- I added 2 green peppers and an onion too, the more vegetables, the merrier!
- coconut oil (I used sunflower oil instead)

How to prepare:
1. Cut the potatoes in small pieces:

2. Add the potatoes to a pan and sauté in coconut/sunflower oil for about 15 minutes, until they get a bit of colour and are starting to soft a little.

3. Add the coconut milk. 

4. Reduce the heat a little and let the potatoes cook. 
Meanwhile, take silly pictures of friends (not necessary):

5. Add the spices, stir and taste if it needs more.

6. Let the sauce simmer and thicken for about 20-25 minutes on medium heat. 
Don't stop taking silly pictures in the meantime!

6. When the potatoes have softenend, add the peas. (If you add green peppers or onion you  should add them after the spices or something) 

7. Add salt if necessary, and cook until the peas are warmed.

8. Bon appetit!
(Sorry for the bad lighting)
Hope you like it! Let me know when you make your own version :)

I'll be sharing some other vegetarian recipes soon! And some outfit posts, it's been so long but I've been so busy with schoolwork and going to the gym :(

March 8, 2012

Holiday Photos: Meknes

Hi guys, here's part two of my holiday pictures! On our third day we took the train to Meknes to visit the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, a beautiful palace, and the old city with its souks where you can buy absolutely anything...

I always look so cheesy when strangers take my picture :D And look at that travel guide, are we real tourists or what?!

Amazing details

The souks: slippers, anyone?

Our hotel - yes, every wall was covered with those psychedelic tiles, if you looked at it for too long you would turn crazy! 
Lots more to come soon! I'm sorry I don't have a lot to say, I'm so tired :/ Because, yes: I'm going to the gym from now on! I really needed some exercise because a) I'm in really bad shape (walking upstairs is tiring already!) and b) it's healthy and I want to look good! Haha :) I even have a sort of personal trainer and a training schedule! I'm almost excited about this :D Thank God my boyfriend is going too so we can motivate each other ;) And no, you won't see pictures of me wearing sports clothes! I hate lycra shorts, tracksuits and trainers with a passionate fierce.

Good night lovelies!