February 25, 2012

Project 365 life feed

Hi everyone! I'm still sorting out my holiday pictures (unless you want to be bombarded with over 1000 pictures) and quite busy with school work this weekend, but I wanted to update on Project 365. I've been taking a picture every day although I may have cheated a little bit by taking two pictures on a day because I'd forgot the day before. Sssshhht!
You can already see some of my holiday photos already here, but the real deal is coming tomorrow! I warned you ;) 

23. Me, 24. On the train, 25. Outfit
26. Thanks mum! 27. Jump! 28. Studying for exams...
29. Time for tea! 30. Snow! 31. Tea (again) from my favourite mug
32. Studying in style, 33. Last day! 34. Snow
35. Winter wonderland, 36. Fes, Morocco, 37. Streetlife in Fes
38. Meknes, 39. Rabat, 40. Enjoying the sun!
41. Best icecream ever! 42. Acting crazy <3 43. Pretty walls in Morocco
44. Ourika valley, 45. Marrakech, 46. Back in Belgium :(
47. Boyfriend''s new hairstyle, you like? :) 48. There we go again... 49. My new blog!
50. Waiting for my train... 51. New bed lecture (ahem) 52. New shoes!
53. Boyfriend studying, 54. Card from a friend who went to Dubai, 55. Being healthy!
 Come back tomorrow for part one of my holiday photo overload :D
Enjoy your weekends!