February 27, 2012

Holiday photo overload part 1: Fes

I present to you... the first part of my holiday photos! We stayed in Morocco for ten days and visited 5 cities, so I'll just divide everything in 6 posts or something! 
Now, we landed in Fes and visited the city during our first two days. I've been to Morocco 4 years ago, so I was familiar with the culture and mentality of the people, but it still was a culture shock exploring the little streets in the medina (old city)! We stayed in a small and very basic hotel for only 15 euros a night! Of course you can't expect much comfort but a) we're poor students and b) a bed is a bed, and we were pretty tired every day from walking around so we were just happy to see our bed :) The guy from the hotel showed us around in the city, and we had some intersting conversations with him, tea included! And don't let the sunny pictures fool you, it was cold! As in sleeping with 2 sweaters, 3 blankets and my boyfriend close to me but still freezing รถ Still, everything's better than -10°C Belgium :D Have a look at this wonderful city...

Bab Boujeloud: the big entrance to the old city

yeah, I had to get up very early that morning!

walking through the old medina and souks...

Shopping walhallah!

Arabic Coca-Cola!

yes, that's a camel head. Hanging in front of the local butcher's :D

On the roof of our hotel
I hope you like these photos! I miss it so much... I'm definitely going back soon, or to any country in the Middle East, it's just such a boost for my Arabic skills! Oh, and while we're on the subject: I'm going to Turkey with my parents and sister in July! No lying at the pool of an all-inclusive 5-star hotel in Bodrum for me, but first 3 days to Istanbul, than Cappadocia and Pamukkale and finally 5 days in a little house near the coast! I love travelling <3

Have a nice evening! 

PS: I'll adjust the size of the photos one of these days, no time today! :)