February 10, 2012

Guest Post: Rebel Angel

As I'm still (hopefully!) enjoying my holiday in Morocco with my boyfriend at the moment, here's the second guest post for you! I asked Sian from Rebel Angel as a guest blogger because she's so sweet and I love her style :) Enjoy her post and leave her a comment!

Hi everyone! I'm Sian from Rebel Angel and I'm guest posting for you today while Siel is off on a lovely holiday! This is just a snapshot of me, so take a look at my blog to find out more =)

For someone who claims to love summer fashion and not particularly like winter fashion, my blog seems to give testimony to the opposite! Despite summer clothing being a lot easier to throw on and to have that casual look, winter clothing is much more fun for layering and often looks a lot smarter and put together. Because Siel is away in warmer climes, I thought it would be nice to stick to the theme of holiday-wear and decided to talk to you today about what I've worn on my travels in the past year. I was very lucky to be able to travel to Spain, Florida and Greece in 2011, each needed a different set of clothes. Spain was at Easter, so was warm-ish, and I felt needed to be a bit smarter than normal summer clothing: so my Spain wardrobe consisted mainly of pretty sundresses (particularly 50s style ones!), wedges, and cropped cardigans:

Florida was entirely different: we went at the beginning of summer, so it was hot, sometimes very hot, and often rainy and stormy. We spent a lot of our time in Florida visiting the theme parks (of course!), so I needed more comfortable clothing that I would be wearing all day long, shorts for the rides, but I still wanted to look fashionable. The heat meant I usually wanted my hair tied up (even though I don't really like my hair up!).
Kennedy Space Center, meant I could wear a skirt!

Typical theme park outfits: vest top and shorts and the occasional giant pink poncho!!
And at the end of summer I was very lucky to be offered a place on a summer school course in Archaeology in Greece. We were based in Athens at the start, then travelled the Peloponnese in the second half. The weather in Athens was particularly hot, we only had one day of clouds in the whole 3 weeks!! It also meant a lot of walking (and I mean A LOT!), up and down hills (the Ancient Greeks liked to build on hills to torture future archaeologists). This meant sensible shoes...the shoes I hated when I first tried them on, but loved by the end of the 3 weeks because they hadn't blistered my feet and were cushioned so my feet didn't die! The heat meant we wanted to wear as little as possible to keep cool, but as much as possible to keep covered from sun burn (we were sometimes out in the sun with no shade all day long); we had to wear hats everyday to keep from 'brain boil', which meant my hair had to be braided everyday to keep it off my neck (where it wrapped itself like a scarf) and so I could fit my hat on. So outfits consisted mainly of hat, sensible shoes, shorts and vest tops:

 I hope you've enjoyed seeing this snapshot of my travels, drop by my blog to take a look at my everyday style and say hi!!