January 18, 2012

Time for a change!

I have been thinking about blogging for a while now. I love blogging, I love reading other blogs and most of all I love getting to know amazing people around the world. But I'm not satisfied with my own blog anymore. When I started my blog on a dull evening in February 2011, I just randomly choose a name for my blog, not thinking it might be a) waaaaay to long to pronounce, b) not really reflecting what I want this blog to stand for. I tried to fix the problem of the long name (Seriously, what was I thinking, 'shoes, polka dots & lots more'??? I'm sure I have the longest url in history) by shortening it, but I still have this long url that I don't like. And most important of all: I quickly discovered that I want to write about more than only shoes & polka dots (still love them very much though) and that I want this to be a blog that focuses on me as a person and not on fashion and shoes only. I think I'm having the same problem as Kerry from His Girl Friday had before she changed her blogname - it was called 'My Orange Stilletos back then - You want to start a blog, you think about a name and what pops into mind are the things you like - to me those were 'shoes and polka dots' - and after a while you realise you don't like it anymore.
So I hear you ask: what will happen now? Well, at the moment I'l very busy studying for my exams and after that I'm going on holiday (don't worry, I have some guest bloggers for you! Very excited about that) but when I'm back you may expect a change in the name, design and while we're at it: maybe switch to my own domain? I figured I might do that in time, why not go for a completely fresh start and change everything? 
Now the question is what my blog will be called. I have something in mind, but I'm still brainstorming (with myself, yes) about it! Suggestions are always welcome :)

Siel xx