January 8, 2012

Project 365 #1

Hello lovelies! I told you about Project 365 that I'm taking part in a few days ago, and I'm going to post my pictures on my tumblr every day and a weekly round-up here. I now present you week #1: Nothing special really, because all I do these days is studying so I'm afraid January is going to look quite boring! Tell me what you think about this project and my pictures, I love hearing your opinions :)

1. New Year, new agenda! 
2. Party nails (from NYE) with a not so party background (studying).
3. Wearing my favourite dress. 
4. Studying, studying...
5. Teatime!
6. Went shopping...
7. Didn't feel well so called it an early night... My boyfriend's teddy is always by my side!
8. Planning a trip after the exams!
I'm planning some outfit post soon - I'm not wearing very inspirational outfits these days (read: pyjama's and comfy clothing) but I have saved some outfit for these dull days, isn't that sweet? :D

See you soon! xo