January 28, 2012

Jump for my love

Top: Zara; Shorts, coat, hat: H&M
Hello lovelies! This is what I do what I actually have to study: take a million pictures of myself! Too bad the rain forced me back to my study desk... I still have 3 exams to go, it seems that almost everyone has finished their exams! Anyway, I wanted to show you my study-outfit (or at least, what I wear when I'm not in my pj's and dressing gown :p) and my new hat I found at H&M for only 3 euros. I like the shorts & knee socks thing, but I feel like my legs are just too long to pull it off! Is that possible or am I just rambling :D 

I also experimented with making GIFS! Ah the ways we can keep ourselves busy NOT studying :D
gif maker

Yesterday evening I went to a concert, a classical concert mind you! I enjoyed it very much, and the free drinks and food afterwards even more :D They played Brahms' piano concerto n° 1 (if you're interested, here)Does this make me a nerd? Lord knows I'm a sucker for dramatic classical music. And free bubbles :D Hope you have a lovely weekend! 
Siel xo