January 10, 2012

Favourites + shoe shopping

Hello! Well I'm really blogging much, eh? Guess I need some distraction from all the studying! Not that I need it though, I'm constantly finding myself exuses to get away from my desk and do something that doesn't include memorising Arabic grammar, history facts or islamic law. I'm getting at that point where I just want to do my exams and get it over with! Especially because of the awesome trip my boyfriend and I are planning after our exams: backpacking through Morocco! We'll just book our flight and see for a place to stay when we arrive. Adventurous or what? We'll be visiting Fes, Meknes, Casablanca and Marrakech. I can't wait <3
Anyway, here's an outfit from last year (haha like it's been ages) but I love it because 1) I'm wearing my favourite shoes, 2) this skirt is my boyfriend's favourite and 3) My hair still looks awesome :D Haha modest definitely isn't my middle name!

Skirt, T-shirt: H&M
cardigan: Forever21
What, doesn't everyone display his shoes in the living room??

PS: I have a question for you. I have my eye on two pairs of shoes, but can only afford one (saving up for the holiday!) which pair would you choose? I warn you, they're completely different!
Zara, only my size left!

or these:
Lotta from Stockholm
Haha they couldn't be more different :D I love the feminine shape and elegance of the first ones but I really like the quirkiness and coolness of the second ones! Ö I can't choose.

Have a good night! And good luck to all the students who have started/start with their exams this week ;)

Siel xo