January 5, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know, I'm kinda late with my New Year post, aren't I? The studying has taken over my life (although I still have time to shop, haha) but let me share some photos of NYE with you. I invited some friends over to my place for lots of food and champagne (duh!) and we had a great night! I prepared some delicious stuff like mini-croissants filled with goat cheese and honey and mushrooms with cheese in the oven, I would've taken pictures but they were all gone before I knew! :D Everything was meat-free, as two of my friends are vegetarians. I don't mind, I like cheese more than meat!

 We had raclette as main course <3 I'm drooling as I think about it!

Too bad this picture is blurry, I love it :D
No comment :D
Crazy as always!

Happy New Year! I take any excuse to drink...
I wish I took more pictures, but before we knew it was 3 o'clock and some of us got back home... For the lucky ones who stayed at my place I made pancakes in the morning! God I must stop talking about food, I'm getting really hungry...
How was your New Year's Eve? 
I also wore some pretty shoes in order to save them in the Shoe Challenge, but I'm afraid the only picture I have of them is this one:
My boyfriend was obsessed with taking pictures of my ass all night, haha :D

In other news, I've decided to take part in the 365 project or 'A photo a day': Take a photo every day of the year! It's January 5 today and I'm already struggling, haha. My life isn't very interesting these days: study, sleep, eat. And playing The Sims Social, naturally :D Good luck to all the students, and those who don't have exams in January: I don't talk to you lucky bastards ;)

Siel xo