January 30, 2012


I finally decided on my new blog name! I wanted a name that reflected me, and focused on the personal aspect of this blog rather than on the fashion/shoes. So after long thinking I settled for...

Mademoiselle Siel

Ta-daaaa! I choose to include my own name instead of something like 'redhead' (not that I will change my hair colour, but still) or anything too trendy (like polka dots for instance), and I've always liked the French flair and style, so I went for Mademoiselle! Also, 'Miss Siel' would just sound weird :D Do you like it?? Please tell me if you think it's a stupid name!!! I don't want to change my blog name again after this one, you know...

I'll be changing it somewhere this week and throw in a new lay-out too, so stay tuned! I'm very excited about this, finally my blog will be something I can be proud of :) I mean, I'm proud of what I achieved with my blog the past year, but the name somehow always embarrassed me.

Let me know what you think!
Siel xo

EDIT: Annebeth suggested I should name it MademoiSielle instead because that's more original and I love it! I'll send her some free shoes to thank her for my awesome blog name :D