December 7, 2011

Dressember! (Not really)

You see, the purpose of Dressember is to wear a dress every day in December. That's why in this post I'm wearing pants. Because I'm cool like that.
(Actually I've been wearing dresses and skirts through December, like a good girl! These photos are from November 30 :p)

My friend took about 20 pics like this before noticing that I'm not really in the middle of it. Score!

Acting crazy, as usual :D Anyway, back to ME (I'm so self-centered):
That's better. Haha, kidding! I loved my friend's shirt (he made it himself!):
I actually went shopping with him today: the mission was to find my Christmas dress I tried on a few days ago but my size was gone :( But they said that they would re-stock it, I hope so!! It was green and Joan Holloway-ish รถ So we ended up going to Zara, where he bought a some red curduroy trousers, a pair of shoes and a scarf. So never call ME a shopaholic again! :D

Best thing about these shoes (apart from the fact that they're pretty & comfortable): They are being sold for 49.95 euros in Zara atm, but I bought them in Paris for 25,95! GO ME
Next time I'll put on a dress, I promise!

Sweater, boots: Zara
Shirt, coat: H&M
Jeans: No idea, bought it when I was 14 or something :D

Siel xo