December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

2011 will be remembered as the year...

I started my blog!

I fell madly in love...<3

I started to watch Mad Men...

I went on holiday to Andalusia, Spain with my family...

I started buying and wearing vintage clothing...

I passed my first year at university studying Arabic language and culture...

I ate sushi for the very first time (my life will never be the same)

I got my driver's license! (and started to dream about pretty cars...)

I had great times with my friends...

I decided to wear red lipstick all day long :D

I bought a secondhand DSLR camera!

I met some other bloggers for the first time...

I wen to Paris with my boyfriend...

I learned to drink coffee...

I got a haircut... (I bet you're tired already of this photo :D)

... And I met some amazing people through blogging!

Thank you all for reading my little blog, I love everyone of you! I hope your year was as good as mine, and cheers to 2012!

Much love,
Siel xo

December 28, 2011

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Thanks ;) xo

December 26, 2011

Christmas dress

Wow, is that the most original blog title ever or what? Bet you have no idea what this post is about! Ahem.
I spent Christmas day studying for my upcoming exams in January and having dinner at my grandparents'. The best part of the evening was when we skyped with our cousin who is studying in Vancouver, Canada for a year! I'm so jealous :( Although there's a tiny chance I can go on Erasmus next year, for Arabic students it's very difficult to find a European university with the same level as we have here in Leuven. I heard that the University in Venice is quite good, but now we can only wait and hope the application gets approved. Fingers crossed...  Anyway, back to Christmas now! I wore a new dress (of course), one that I saw in store and loved it, but this smart ass decided to wait till her size was sold out and she had to beg her mum, boyfriend and sister to check in other stores around the country if they had my size there. Luckily my mum found one :)

Yes, this is my new haircut and I love it!!! I got so many compliments already, I'm so happy that I finally did it and chopped off about 10cm and got a fringe. 

Shoe Save of this weekend! I wear these shoes a lot, but they're starting to wear out and pinch my little toe :( So I'm on the search for the perfect pair of black pumps, and without doubt it'll take years to find the perfect replacement shoes: black, not too high but with a decent heel, stylish yet comfortable. So hard to find, I tell ya.

Now my episode of Mad Men is waiting for me (seriously, studying = hello series addiction!), I know it's already past 10.30 (bedtime for students, haha)  but I just spent two hours trying out all the functions of my camera that I haven't had time to explore yet. I read this tutorial and suddenly I understood all the technical stuff about ISO, aperture, shutter speed and all that jazz. Believe me, my pictures are going to be legen... wait for it... DARY! (Totally addicted to How I Met Your Mother too :D)

Goodnight! xo

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I spent Christmas eve with my family, which means I got lots of wonderful presents, ate way too much and laughed all night :) Enjoy your holidays! xx

December 19, 2011


Yes, I'm still alive! Drowning in school work though, all those presentations are killing me! Anyway, I'm getting a haircut on Wednesday!!!! Yes finally after I talked and whined about my hair for such a long time, and this is how I want it to look like (although my hair never looks that good in real life...):

Retro but not too much, sweet but still quite sexy, that's what I'm going for :D This is French actress Françoise Dorleac, btw :) 

I'm going to a fancy hairdresser instead of my usual one, so I hope it will turn out better than I expected! For some reason getting a haircut is always a little bit disappointing, let's hope I'll love it this time. 

See you soon! 
Siel xx

December 7, 2011

Dressember! (Not really)

You see, the purpose of Dressember is to wear a dress every day in December. That's why in this post I'm wearing pants. Because I'm cool like that.
(Actually I've been wearing dresses and skirts through December, like a good girl! These photos are from November 30 :p)

My friend took about 20 pics like this before noticing that I'm not really in the middle of it. Score!

Acting crazy, as usual :D Anyway, back to ME (I'm so self-centered):
That's better. Haha, kidding! I loved my friend's shirt (he made it himself!):
I actually went shopping with him today: the mission was to find my Christmas dress I tried on a few days ago but my size was gone :( But they said that they would re-stock it, I hope so!! It was green and Joan Holloway-ish ö So we ended up going to Zara, where he bought a some red curduroy trousers, a pair of shoes and a scarf. So never call ME a shopaholic again! :D

Best thing about these shoes (apart from the fact that they're pretty & comfortable): They are being sold for 49.95 euros in Zara atm, but I bought them in Paris for 25,95! GO ME
Next time I'll put on a dress, I promise!

Sweater, boots: Zara
Shirt, coat: H&M
Jeans: No idea, bought it when I was 14 or something :D

Siel xo