November 23, 2011

Paris mon amour (part 3)

Yeah, this is the third part of my Paris photos! Hope you're not tired of them yet! Don't worry, we only stayd there for 4 days so only one to go after this one ;) On our third day we had amazing weather, so we decided to take the bike! After having some trouble finding out how the bike-renting process goes, we were riding on the banks of the Seine:

I was already sweating my ass off by this point! View on the Notre Dame ftw

After that, we took a walk through the Quartier Latin and visited the Sorbonne, the oldest university of Paris. I grabbed the chance to pose like a real Parisienne! :D
A mission I succeeded completely. Ahem. 
Anyway, we had lunch at this typical Parisian bistro, I had the best goate cheese sandwich ever <3
We got back on our bikes and visited the Pont des Arts, the 'most romantic' bridge in Paris, where all lovers hang a lock with their names on and throw away the key in order to have eternal love. 

Next, we visited Ladurée, where of course we tried some delicious macarons:
The tasted amazing, but they're super-expensive ö But I couldn't leave Paris without knowing what all the fuss is about :)

Next we drove along the Seine towards the Eiffer tower. The Pont Alexandre III is the most beautiful bridge of Paris, and definitely in the fall sunlight! But we couldn't stay too long here because THE attraction of Paris was waiting for us:

The Eiffel Tower! You can't go to Paris without visiting it, can you? We had to wait in line for almost an hour and by that time the sun had set which resulted in amazing views:

Ahhh, lovely <3 wish I was there now!
In the evening we had a with a friend of my boyfriend who lives in America but is studying in Paris for one year. She was very friendly and funny, she even invited me to come to Paris and stay in her apartment! An offer I won't decline, haha :)
Beautiful carrousel and artsy lights (thanks to my camera) to end:

Part four is coming next week! Unless you're already bored by now :D

Now I'm going to watch How I met your mother, my latest addiction! Enjoy your evening :) xo