November 13, 2011

Paris mon amour (part 2)

Prepare for part two of my picture overload from my trip to Paris! The second day we did some awesome stuff like ehm, going shopping and buying shoes, walking on the Champs-Elysées, and shelter for the rain at Louis Vuitton, eating sushi and feeling romantic:D My feet were dead after that day but it was worth it.

Good morning Paris! Stormy weather...

Notre Dame

One day.. I'll buy a pair of shoes here <3

enjoying a (way too expensive!) lunch near the Centre Pompidou
The Louvre
New shoessssss! :D

Too bad my boyfriend always cuts off the top of the streetlight. Seriously, he does that in every picture!
Jardin des Tuileries

Posing like a pro!

Ah, l'amour... <3
Place de la Concorde

Champs-Elysées (& rain...)
Arc de Triomphe
Hope you liked my photos! Oh how I miss it :( I really enjoyed our first 'holiday' together. I'm so happy and grateful that I can have my boyfriend with me every day (except during weekends, feeling very lonely then...) and ask for a hug whenever I need one. Thank you darling for making me amazingly happy <3

Part 3 & 4 coming up in a few days!

Siel xo