November 8, 2011

Paris mon amour (part 1)

Hello lovers! I'm back from my trip to Paris and it was AWESOME! We had so much fun, I'll definitely go back soon. Aren't we lucky to have all these amazing cities so close to us? Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin,... are just a few hours away by train, how cool is that? Anyway, we visited a lot and walked even more (my feet still hurt), had lovely weather (I sat outside with bare arms in November, can you imagine?) and enjoyed every minute of Paris and each other. Paris definitely is the city of love <3 Get ready for picture overload! This is only part one though (the first day), so stay tuned :D

Place des Vosges
"Where to go?" We got lost quite a lot. Not my fault! *ahem*
Le Marais, the Jewish neighboorhood...
... where you can eat the best falafels in the world! (or so they claim)
View of the Seine

I love my coat <3 and the lovely colour of the trees.
Notre Dame
Notre Dame - we visited it the next day because it was less crowdy then.

On the 'Pont Neuf', the oldest bridge in Paris
How educational: we visited the Institute of the Arabic world!
Amazing piece in the museum: look at the minuscule calligraphy! So pretty.
View from the roof of the Institute

The institute
Delicious mint tea
Our bedroom, we stayed in an amazing apartment! I just want to move there <3
On our first evening we cooked spaghetti in our tiny but cosy kitchen, I felt so Parisian, ha! :D I'll show you pictures of day two soon - including my new shoes I bought! :D Because I can never go on holiday without buying a pair of shoes...

Siel xo