November 19, 2011

Object of my obsession + hair!

Meet my newest obsession:
Clogs! At first I wasn't totally convinced, but after seeing them on other blogs like Calivintage & Styling Dutchman, I'm in love. And since these are on sale in my size for £35, I can't stop looking at them. I know winter's coming and I won't be wearing these soon, but still... Even my boyfriend likes them, he thinks they're 'something different' (in a good way) :D Guess I know what to ask for Christmas already...

 Also: I think I've decided what to do with my hair: I want a fringe and chop off 10 cm or more, something like this:
This fringe

with this hairstyle (source: The Clothes Horse)
But not as short as the second photo. Complicated, isn't it? I'll bring some pictures with me to the hairdressers, fingers crossed it turns out good! I hope I don't regret it afterwards...
Do you have other suggestion concerning my HAIRZ? Let me know! I can still change my mind :)

Have a great weekend! xo