November 11, 2011

Blogger Love

It's been a while since I last spread some blogger love and dedicated a post to fellow blogs that I really love! These blogs are my daily reads and you should really pay a visit if you don't know them already. First up:
Kerry from Yours Truly

I love everything about her: Her hair of course (major envy!), her amazing mix of vintage and highstreet style and how every post is a delight to read because she's always so positive and smiling. Oh and her boyfriend is very stylish too! :D

Next is Kirstin from Crimson Rosella:

I love her effortless chique style and I just adore that mustard yellow coat <3 Some people just get it right every time. Also: I really must learn to do a beehive!

Another blog crush of mine: Annebeth of The Styling Dutchman:

Because she has the best (and probably biggest :p) collection of amazing vintage stuff, and she always knows how to combine them in a very original way. Her writings are funny & smart and she's very kind and sociable! And respect because she blogs every single day, something I'd never have the time/courage for.

Last but not least: Paulien from Polienne:

Not only is this girl drop dead gorgeous (she's a model!), her style is incredible and just gets better every time. I love how she's so down to earth when she talks about her modelling, she's not one of those typical models who brag about their awesome lives and free clothes all the time :)

I have a lot more favourite bloggers, I'll probably do more 'tribute posts' soon! Do you like these blogsters? What are your daily reads?

Siel xo