November 27, 2011

Autumn leaves

A few days ago I dragged two of my friends along to take my pictures. My friend Stef begged me for an appearance on my blog, haha :D I'm sorry for the lame title of this post, I spent 20 minutes thinking of a title and this was the best I've come up with! 
Also, my boyfriend has the great habit of taking about 45 pictures of me falling down or pulling a goofy face and 3 where I look decent. Thanks love!

Aaaaaand that's it for the decent part! I also tried to do a 'jumping photo', but that didn't work very well:
Splendid! By this time, people who were walking by were giving me very strange looks, I tell ya. Hey, never seen someone having her outfit pictures taken?
And this is my friend's best pose. I kid you not :D He's awesome, you can't spend 5 minutes with him without bursting out laughing! Also, nice 'throwing leaves-photo', no? Had to re-do this one about 37 times or something.
No comment :D
So now I found my photographers! Although they're two of the people I can act totally crazy with, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable posing for them and having my picture taken! Is that weird? Maybe it was just the old people passing by and giving me strange looks, dunno :) But I'm still getting used to this outfit-taking thing. 

I'm wearing:
Skirt: Zara
Top, headband, socks: H&M
Cardigan, shoes: New Look

Enjoy the rest of your evening! Mine will be filled with homework (must.stop.postponing.), jazz music and cuddling with the bf :) xo