November 27, 2011

Autumn leaves

A few days ago I dragged two of my friends along to take my pictures. My friend Stef begged me for an appearance on my blog, haha :D I'm sorry for the lame title of this post, I spent 20 minutes thinking of a title and this was the best I've come up with! 
Also, my boyfriend has the great habit of taking about 45 pictures of me falling down or pulling a goofy face and 3 where I look decent. Thanks love!

Aaaaaand that's it for the decent part! I also tried to do a 'jumping photo', but that didn't work very well:
Splendid! By this time, people who were walking by were giving me very strange looks, I tell ya. Hey, never seen someone having her outfit pictures taken?
And this is my friend's best pose. I kid you not :D He's awesome, you can't spend 5 minutes with him without bursting out laughing! Also, nice 'throwing leaves-photo', no? Had to re-do this one about 37 times or something.
No comment :D
So now I found my photographers! Although they're two of the people I can act totally crazy with, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable posing for them and having my picture taken! Is that weird? Maybe it was just the old people passing by and giving me strange looks, dunno :) But I'm still getting used to this outfit-taking thing. 

I'm wearing:
Skirt: Zara
Top, headband, socks: H&M
Cardigan, shoes: New Look

Enjoy the rest of your evening! Mine will be filled with homework (must.stop.postponing.), jazz music and cuddling with the bf :) xo

November 23, 2011

Paris mon amour (part 3)

Yeah, this is the third part of my Paris photos! Hope you're not tired of them yet! Don't worry, we only stayd there for 4 days so only one to go after this one ;) On our third day we had amazing weather, so we decided to take the bike! After having some trouble finding out how the bike-renting process goes, we were riding on the banks of the Seine:

I was already sweating my ass off by this point! View on the Notre Dame ftw

After that, we took a walk through the Quartier Latin and visited the Sorbonne, the oldest university of Paris. I grabbed the chance to pose like a real Parisienne! :D
A mission I succeeded completely. Ahem. 
Anyway, we had lunch at this typical Parisian bistro, I had the best goate cheese sandwich ever <3
We got back on our bikes and visited the Pont des Arts, the 'most romantic' bridge in Paris, where all lovers hang a lock with their names on and throw away the key in order to have eternal love. 

Next, we visited Ladurée, where of course we tried some delicious macarons:
The tasted amazing, but they're super-expensive ö But I couldn't leave Paris without knowing what all the fuss is about :)

Next we drove along the Seine towards the Eiffer tower. The Pont Alexandre III is the most beautiful bridge of Paris, and definitely in the fall sunlight! But we couldn't stay too long here because THE attraction of Paris was waiting for us:

The Eiffel Tower! You can't go to Paris without visiting it, can you? We had to wait in line for almost an hour and by that time the sun had set which resulted in amazing views:

Ahhh, lovely <3 wish I was there now!
In the evening we had a with a friend of my boyfriend who lives in America but is studying in Paris for one year. She was very friendly and funny, she even invited me to come to Paris and stay in her apartment! An offer I won't decline, haha :)
Beautiful carrousel and artsy lights (thanks to my camera) to end:

Part four is coming next week! Unless you're already bored by now :D

Now I'm going to watch How I met your mother, my latest addiction! Enjoy your evening :) xo

November 19, 2011

Object of my obsession + hair!

Meet my newest obsession:
Clogs! At first I wasn't totally convinced, but after seeing them on other blogs like Calivintage & Styling Dutchman, I'm in love. And since these are on sale in my size for £35, I can't stop looking at them. I know winter's coming and I won't be wearing these soon, but still... Even my boyfriend likes them, he thinks they're 'something different' (in a good way) :D Guess I know what to ask for Christmas already...

 Also: I think I've decided what to do with my hair: I want a fringe and chop off 10 cm or more, something like this:
This fringe

with this hairstyle (source: The Clothes Horse)
But not as short as the second photo. Complicated, isn't it? I'll bring some pictures with me to the hairdressers, fingers crossed it turns out good! I hope I don't regret it afterwards...
Do you have other suggestion concerning my HAIRZ? Let me know! I can still change my mind :)

Have a great weekend! xo

November 13, 2011

Paris mon amour (part 2)

Prepare for part two of my picture overload from my trip to Paris! The second day we did some awesome stuff like ehm, going shopping and buying shoes, walking on the Champs-Elysées, and shelter for the rain at Louis Vuitton, eating sushi and feeling romantic:D My feet were dead after that day but it was worth it.

Good morning Paris! Stormy weather...

Notre Dame

One day.. I'll buy a pair of shoes here <3

enjoying a (way too expensive!) lunch near the Centre Pompidou
The Louvre
New shoessssss! :D

Too bad my boyfriend always cuts off the top of the streetlight. Seriously, he does that in every picture!
Jardin des Tuileries

Posing like a pro!

Ah, l'amour... <3
Place de la Concorde

Champs-Elysées (& rain...)
Arc de Triomphe
Hope you liked my photos! Oh how I miss it :( I really enjoyed our first 'holiday' together. I'm so happy and grateful that I can have my boyfriend with me every day (except during weekends, feeling very lonely then...) and ask for a hug whenever I need one. Thank you darling for making me amazingly happy <3

Part 3 & 4 coming up in a few days!

Siel xo