October 1, 2011

Summer Evening

I just wanted to share this picture I took of the gorgeous sunset tonight:

Including: blurry photo of myself. You're welcome.

Today was the wedding of someone from the orchestra I play in, and they asked to play some lovely songs on their wedding ceremony. We played 'You are the sunshine of my life' by Stevie Wonder (such a beautiful song, it almsot made me cry!), Gabriel's Oboe and 'Everybody needs somebody' by the Blues Brothers when they left the church! The ceremony was beautiful, and being the romantic soul I am, I had a hard time not to blink a tear. I wasn't invited to the evening party because I'm not that close to the married couple, but that didn't stop me from creating this quite spectaculair (if I may say so myself) hairstyle, or as I call it, my bird's nest:

Bathroom pictures ftw! I used Amber's messy bun head tutorial, you can find it here.

Now my episode of Mad Men and a crème brûlée are waiting for me (I know, how exciting is my life, eh???) so enjoy your evening!
Siel xo

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