October 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hi guys! I enjoyed a lovely weekend home alone with my sister. It's some kind of tradition that we always take silly pictures when we're home together, and today was no different! I took my baby camera and we gave the best of ourselves in our fall-ish (if that's even a word) garden. My little sis (she's 16, but she'll always be the little one) is the cutest EVER:

She's so cute I almost want to eat her. Also, she has pretty shoes:
Too bad we differ in shoe size :( Otherwise they would've been on my feet now. We often wear each other's clothes (She only wants to wear my "normal stuff" though, aka no midi skirts, red sweater or retro dresses. BOO! :D)
Here she's trying on my coat AND shoes:

Yes, that's me you see in the reflection of the door :) Please don't mind the terrrible mess on the background: we're currently camping in the kitchen as the living and dining room are being painted! Nothing special, a sort of beige and brown. Anyway, we also cooked and this is what me made (before we put it in the oven of course, we didn't eat raw mince!):
Yummie <3 I love cooking and I always try out new things! I cringe at the idea of having to eat the combination of potatoes, vegetables and meat or something like that every day. There are even people who have only 7 different meals in their cooking repertoire: f.e. on Monday they have apple sauce and sausage, on Tuesday they have spaghetti etc. And that every single week! I think I'd die. I'd rather spend half of the day preparing a lovely meal than just open a can of ravioli or get a pizza. Haha, now I remind myself of Bree Van Der Kamp when her son Andrew suggest they have sausages and beans for dinner instead of her five course dinner. I 'm such a housewife :D

I also dressed appropriately: inspired by 50s-60s housewifes and Betty Draper I pulled my floral skirt out of the closet and combined it with my new knit sweater that I love and that the rest of my family hate:

This is my 'Boo, they don't like my clothes' -face.
I know the belt doesn't match, but I didn't have a matching one. I could've gone without it, but Betty  Draper never wears loose sweaters so belt IT IS. If you want to play the Mad Men vibe, do it right :D

This is my 'I love my clothes and I don't care what they think' face :D 

Now I'm off to bed (after my daily episode of Desperate Housewifes - COME ON Bree!) Hope you had a great weekend!

Siel xo