October 20, 2011

Et si tu n'existais pas

Last weekend I went shopping with my mum and sister, and I had some birthday money left so I bought myself a  new coat! I actually already bought a lovely winter coat last year in the sales, but a girl needs variation, no? I love the sixties vibe and the cute collar! I took some pictures on my roof again! (I promise I'll look for a proper location soon)

Lovely, isn't it? My outfit is not really special, but it's all about the coat, wayo :D I wore a shorter dress today and I actually looked even better. Pictures to come! 

Goofy :D Also, my hair looks strange, thinking about getting a haircut soon!

I'm sorry for the awful lighting, it was getting dark already when I took (i.e. I forced my boyfriend to take them) these pictures! I could also take them in the morning but you know, when it's cold your warm bed is so much more attractive :D and the whole process of climbing through my window is too much to handle at 8 in the morning:
Exciting news of the day: We booked our trip to Paris! We're going from the 2nd till the 5th of November as we're having two days off school then. We'll be staying in this ├╝bercool apartment, check it out because it looks awesome! I'll surely take a lot of pictures BECAUSE I bought a new camera!!! Okay, it's a secondhand one and a few years old, but it's a DSLR with two lenses and a bag and everything and I only paid 150 euros. Crazy isn't it?! I bought a Pentax K100D Super, if you're interested :) The guy I bought it from lives at the other side of the country, so my boyfriend is getting my precious this weekend. Can't stand the fact that he'll be able to use it before I even touched it! GRRRRR
Anyway, I can't wait to be in Paris (haven't been there since I was 14, on a school trip), it's our first sort of holiday together <3 

Enjoy your evening lovelies!
Siel xo

PS: My delicious home-made korma with chicken I made a few days ago:

I love the fact that there's an exotic supermarket nearby where they sell awesome Indian currypaste and other cool stuff that you never find in regular stores!