October 25, 2011


3 Reasons why this day is awesome:
- Trying out my new camera (!!!!)
- Wearing my favourite vintage skirt
- Buying a turban headband that I'm complete in love with!

Guys, I got my new/secondhand DSLR camera yesterday and OMG this is awesome! I still have to find out a lot on how work with it, but I managed to take some nice pics yet! I feel so proud, haha. Wanna see?

Looks cool, no? I need to perfect my skills some more, but I like my new photos. From now on, I'll be glued to this camera!
Delicious meal we made yesterday:
Linguini with aubergines, tomatoes, chili, ricotta and fresh basil <3

I wore my favourite vintage skirt today, I got it a few months ago in T2, my favourite vintage shop. They're having their sales again as we speak, today everything was 2 euros. 2! EUROS!! Unfortunately I didn't find so many nice pieces, except for a vintage wedding dress I've been eyeing on and that I bought for 2 euros! Haha you'll say I'm crazy to buy a wedding dress that even has a stain on it and is slightly see-through (my boyfriend thinks I am totally crazy. Don't worry, I'm not getting married soon!) but I love it and you never know I need it to go to a fancy dress party with a vintage bridal theme or something. YOU NEVER KNOW
I guess I can always wear it as a night gown in the meantime :D

So, the famous skirt:

I don't care if some of my friends call this my grandma skirt, midi skirts are hot people! (Sorry if the photos are slightly blurry, taking photos with timer and no tripod or remote is quite hard) 
Equally hot is my new headband, turban style:
yeah, the camera's good, the model's still working on it!

Pretty cool, right? I found an even cooler one at H&M, similar to this one Valentine is wearing, but they only had it in grey, beige and a orangey colour that didn't match my hair :( staying fashionable in winter is hard, I tell ya! :D 
Crazy pose to end:
Skirt: T2 Vintage
Headband, T-shirt: H&M
Shoes, tights: New Look