September 5, 2011

T2 vintage finds

Hi guys! I realised I hadn't shown you the stuff I bought in the T2 Vintage sales a few weeks ago! If you live in Belgium (or come visit it) you should definitely check out this store if you're into vintage. The prices are already very reasonable, but every six weeks they have sales and everything is 3-2-1 euro. It's like heaven for vintage lovers! Of course it takes some time to go through all the clothes in store because they have SO much, but you can find some real beauties there! Anyway, I'll show you two of my buys now, the other two... I just forgot to photograph. #whoops

It was very windy, so don't mind my awful hair!

 When I found this skirt, I thought YES! A maxi skirt! In my favourite colour! But when I tried it on, it seemed that it was just a little bit too short to be a maxi, and too long to be a midi skirt. (See first picture) But I decided to take it anyway, I mean, for 1 euro, can you blame me?? I figured I could take it to my grandma to alter it after all. As you can see on the first picture, it looked kinda strange, doesn't it? So I tucked it in a bit to transform it into a midi skirt and I like the result! Much more flattering and more 'my style' :)

Now, this dress. I loved the polka dots (of course.) and it looked so cute, but there was only one problem, as you may have noticed:

The bust area is kinda weird shaped, it's cut out VERY low (no, I don't normally go out showing my bra!), and I could wear something underneath it, but I want to avoid the 'dirndl'-look:

Soooo, now I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Wear it backwards? (Haha, you might think it looks ridiculous, but I would adjust the straps and turn them into a halter neck! The only disadvantage: the front looks kinda... flat. You know what I mean???) OR turn it into a skirt? I think that would be the best solution, but I love the buttons on the front:

Pretty, no? 
Let me know what you think! Or do you have a solution I didn't come up with? 

Siel xo