September 15, 2011

Somebody that I used to know

Hi! I'm sorry for not blogging in a week! The thing is, I've been working at an office as a holiday job, and it's quite tiring, so when I get home every day (after cycling for over half an hour, with  lots of wind EVERY SINGLE DAY), I first need to cool down from the 'sporting' I've been doing, and then I change to cosy pants and hoodie. Not very fashionable, don't you think? Yes, I am wearing clothes during the day (duh!) but 7am is really too early to take outfit pictures. 
I've also been busy having a clear-out in my room, and searching all my stuff together for Sunday, when I get the keys to my new student room in Leuven! I'm not a newbie in the 'college life' (going to my second year now) but I love decorating my new room, meeting my new neighbours etc. I even started to fresh up my Arabic vocabulary a few days ago! Can it get nerdier than that?? I couldn't remember half of the words, I'm such a bad student :)

Studying my ass off. Mayor fail.

I also wanted to show you this picture I took with my sister when we were chillin' in the hammock in our garden on a (rare) sunny day:

My mum called it 'mocha and vanille'. It's funny how two siblings can look so different, don't you think?
(Please excuse if you see some hair on my legs: I see no point at shaving when a) there is no pretty weather or b) I'm not seeing my boyfriend that day :D

Last but not least: I made this Middle Eastern desert called 'baklava' some days ago and it was just delicious!! You can find different recipes on google if you'd like to try it yourself. It's very sweet, so I didn't overdose the sugar and honey and it tasted just right, not too sweet and sticky, but yet not too 'nutty' (if that's even a word :D I mean, tasting like nuts) I made it for my boyfriend after his last resit, and he loved it. Does it also make you proud when people taste your cooking and they go like "oooh" and "mmmmh"? :D

So, tomorrow is the last day of work (for this week though)! Saturday I am meeting some old friends (including my ex-boyfriend, whom I haven't seen in 6 months or so. I guess it will be weird seeing him again for the first time after we broke up! But we're still 'friends' so it will be OK. I hope) and Sunday I'm going to my room, decorating and stuff! We'll also visit Brussels in the afternoon because it's not far from Leuven and it's a car-free Sunday :D Hope it will be fun! 

I hope to be back to normal blogging soon! Just in case you missed me... :)
Siel xo

PS: This song has been stuck in my head for over a week, it's just so beautiful and touching! And I couldn't find a decent blogpost title, so I choose this song :)