September 26, 2011

Room with a view

Hi everyone! Today I'll show you some pics of my new room. It's not fully decorated yet, since I just arrived here yesterday, but it gives you an idea! I already met one of my 'kot' mates, she was very kind so I hope the rest of them will be nice too. Anyway, here are some views of my new room!
window view
The 'pièce de résistance': my Arabic lamp!
My shoes, lined up on my shelf
Sunset @ Leuven
Birthday gift from my bf, love the unique design!
I'll show you better pictures when everything is organised! 

Btw, I still haven't decided what to do with my hair. Annebeth suggested I'do a center part, so I tried it out in my bathroom two days ago:
Looks funny, no? I almost don't recognise myself! Also, I curled my hair with the 'sock technique':
Yay for bathroom pictures! =D I really like it (still have to perfect it, but it looks quite good for a first try, I think!) Although they didn't last all day, halfway the afternoon, my hair was only a little bit wavy :(

That's it for today, I'll try to take outfit pictures soon (in front of my front door, you'll see why I love it) but now I'm up to the first class of the day!

Siel xo