September 29, 2011

River Island Student Shop-in!

Yesterday I attended the River Island Student Shop-In in Antwerp! I call this my first sort of blogger event, because I met some bloggers for the first time. I went together with Nikki and we had a fun evening out! It's strange to meet people you know from blogging in real life: you know a lot about their daily life and interests, but you've never seen each other in real life. Always a bit scary, I think! Luckily, Nikki is very kind and we had a few laughs with the sometimes crazy clothing in the River Island store. Too bad she had to leave early! I didn't take pictures of the clothes, but some of Nikki and me and a GORGEOUS dress that was the sexiest dress I ever wore, and that would've come home with me if it didn't cost 60 euros! 

Nikki calling her boyfriend and waiting for me to try on THE dress :D 

Awkward mirror photo :D Told you it was the sexiest dress EVAH! So Joan Holloway, the ultimate retro sexbomb.
I also tried on a mustard skinny that looked lovely but didn't fit me, and a pair of shorts that looked like I was wearing a diaper :D

I asked Annebeth to take this photo (after she asked me to take her photo and carry all her stuff twice :D), please excuse my sweaty face, it was freaking hot there! 

You could also have your photo taken, the best outfit will win a 250 euro voucher to spend in the River Island store! I don't think I'll win because there were lots of stylish people there. But still, if you like my outfit, you can vote here, just 'like' my photo! Thank you :)
Btw, I bought the hat I was wearing on this picture! And don't mind my face, I was melting :D

I also met Stephanie from StyleLab, and saw Paulien and Elien but didn't dare to say hello :/ I love their blogs, but it's strange/scary to go and say hi to someone who doesn't really know you, isn't it? But next time I will!

Skirt: T2 Vintage
Top: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Hat: River Island

I had a lovely evening, thanks to Annebeth for inviting me and I hope I see some of you again soon!
Siel xo