September 22, 2011

The Hair Issue

Hi guys, today I need your advice. My hair has come to the point where I don't know what to do with it anymore. It now looks like this:

I just had to include that picture,  not only you can see how my hair looks right now, the boyfriend looks good too, doesn't he?? :D
I let my fringe grow out, because I hated it when it hung in front of my eyes and it just annoyed me. And I just wanted something else! But now I'm doubting: One option is letting it grow out further so my hair will look more like this:
Amber from Shoeperwoman
I.e. long with no fringe, easier to pin back and curl. But I'm afraid that it may look boring, like long, dull, flat hair (my hair isn't very volumious). Something like this:

Kinda boring, isn't it? But it would make it easier to go all curly like Isla Fisher for example:
Although I doubt if my hair will ever look this beautiful. I keep trying! 
The other option is getting a fringe again, like I had over a year ago:
yeah, drinking again :)

Haha, I look so weird and young on these photos. But this is how I look with a normal side fringe. I also went all the way one time (actually, twice) and got bangs:
first time: 2008
(I know, I look SO. COOL. Ahem)

second time: Spring 2010
(goofy face)
I quite liked the look, but it's hard to maintain and my bangs get greasy after only one day :( Inspiration PRO fringe:
Erika Van Tielen, Belgian actress

Kerry from Yours Truly: mayor hair inspiration! 

Christina Hendricks, in real life and as Joan in Mad Men. Bangs definitely help creating a retro look!

Love the curls.
Inspiration for no fringe:

Amber again, love her bun or 'messy bunhead' as she calls it :)
Please help me out! I really don't know what to choose, fringe or no fringe. What would you do?

Siel xo
PS: Yes, I only chose redheads for inspiration. Because it's just the most beautiful hair colour :D