September 19, 2011


(the title is just 'Brussels' but in Spanish. Sounds so much more exotic, no?)

Hi everyone! Yesterday I visited Brussels with my family, after first dropping off all my stuff at my new room in Leuven! I'm moving to a bigger place, and I already love it. Is it too nerdy to say that I can't wait for the new school year to start? :D
Anyway, afterwards we went to Brussels, where it was a 'car-free' day: no cars allowed in the city and all public transport for free. Unfortunately I couldn't go shopping, but we visited some nice places that were opened to public for this day only. 
I love seeing Arabic signs in the street. The pink letters say 'Islamic Buchery'.

The building of Tour & Taxis, with tram rails dating from 1907.

Of course we couldn' resist taking cheesy pictures in these awesome chairs. I almost flashed my underwear several times, because this dress is SO SHORT! Especially if you're used to wearing midi dresses most of the time :)
My sister definitely is a better model than me, we had to re-do my picture almost 10 times ö

I love these old bus stops.
Next stop: Café Greenwich, an amazing decorated tearoom in Art Deco-style. It reminded me of Ladurée in Paris (must visit when I go to Paris in November!), with the green and gold ceilings and walls.

Beautiful, isn't it? I love this kind of old buildings.
There was a  long queue for the toilets, but only for the beautiful design: where do you find toilet sings like these, eh?
Galleries of Saint Hubert, close to the Grand Place of Brussels.
Apparently this is 'Ready to wear' or 'prêt-à-porter' in Arabic.
One of the shops in the Galleries. The chocolate looked delicious and superexpensive. Love the glass decoration on the ceiling.

The town hall of Brussels and 'Broodhuis', a museum at the Grand Place. It was already raining cats and dogs when we got here, must love the Belgian weather!
 What I wore:
Dress: Forever 21
Knee socks & shoes: New Look
Trench: Vero Moda

Hope you had a weekend as great as mine! I also saw my boyfriend for only 5 minutes, but it made my day. Can't wait till school begins and we can spend (almost) the entire day together again! His apartment/room in Leuven is about 2 minutes away from mine, so I'm pretty sure we'll spend a lot of evenings together. To study of course! :D 

Siel xo