September 29, 2011

River Island Student Shop-in!

Yesterday I attended the River Island Student Shop-In in Antwerp! I call this my first sort of blogger event, because I met some bloggers for the first time. I went together with Nikki and we had a fun evening out! It's strange to meet people you know from blogging in real life: you know a lot about their daily life and interests, but you've never seen each other in real life. Always a bit scary, I think! Luckily, Nikki is very kind and we had a few laughs with the sometimes crazy clothing in the River Island store. Too bad she had to leave early! I didn't take pictures of the clothes, but some of Nikki and me and a GORGEOUS dress that was the sexiest dress I ever wore, and that would've come home with me if it didn't cost 60 euros! 

Nikki calling her boyfriend and waiting for me to try on THE dress :D 

Awkward mirror photo :D Told you it was the sexiest dress EVAH! So Joan Holloway, the ultimate retro sexbomb.
I also tried on a mustard skinny that looked lovely but didn't fit me, and a pair of shorts that looked like I was wearing a diaper :D

I asked Annebeth to take this photo (after she asked me to take her photo and carry all her stuff twice :D), please excuse my sweaty face, it was freaking hot there! 

You could also have your photo taken, the best outfit will win a 250 euro voucher to spend in the River Island store! I don't think I'll win because there were lots of stylish people there. But still, if you like my outfit, you can vote here, just 'like' my photo! Thank you :)
Btw, I bought the hat I was wearing on this picture! And don't mind my face, I was melting :D

I also met Stephanie from StyleLab, and saw Paulien and Elien but didn't dare to say hello :/ I love their blogs, but it's strange/scary to go and say hi to someone who doesn't really know you, isn't it? But next time I will!

Skirt: T2 Vintage
Top: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Hat: River Island

I had a lovely evening, thanks to Annebeth for inviting me and I hope I see some of you again soon!
Siel xo

September 26, 2011

Room with a view

Hi everyone! Today I'll show you some pics of my new room. It's not fully decorated yet, since I just arrived here yesterday, but it gives you an idea! I already met one of my 'kot' mates, she was very kind so I hope the rest of them will be nice too. Anyway, here are some views of my new room!
window view
The 'pièce de résistance': my Arabic lamp!
My shoes, lined up on my shelf
Sunset @ Leuven
Birthday gift from my bf, love the unique design!
I'll show you better pictures when everything is organised! 

Btw, I still haven't decided what to do with my hair. Annebeth suggested I'do a center part, so I tried it out in my bathroom two days ago:
Looks funny, no? I almost don't recognise myself! Also, I curled my hair with the 'sock technique':
Yay for bathroom pictures! =D I really like it (still have to perfect it, but it looks quite good for a first try, I think!) Although they didn't last all day, halfway the afternoon, my hair was only a little bit wavy :(

That's it for today, I'll try to take outfit pictures soon (in front of my front door, you'll see why I love it) but now I'm up to the first class of the day!

Siel xo

September 22, 2011

The Hair Issue

Hi guys, today I need your advice. My hair has come to the point where I don't know what to do with it anymore. It now looks like this:

I just had to include that picture,  not only you can see how my hair looks right now, the boyfriend looks good too, doesn't he?? :D
I let my fringe grow out, because I hated it when it hung in front of my eyes and it just annoyed me. And I just wanted something else! But now I'm doubting: One option is letting it grow out further so my hair will look more like this:
Amber from Shoeperwoman
I.e. long with no fringe, easier to pin back and curl. But I'm afraid that it may look boring, like long, dull, flat hair (my hair isn't very volumious). Something like this:

Kinda boring, isn't it? But it would make it easier to go all curly like Isla Fisher for example:
Although I doubt if my hair will ever look this beautiful. I keep trying! 
The other option is getting a fringe again, like I had over a year ago:
yeah, drinking again :)

Haha, I look so weird and young on these photos. But this is how I look with a normal side fringe. I also went all the way one time (actually, twice) and got bangs:
first time: 2008
(I know, I look SO. COOL. Ahem)

second time: Spring 2010
(goofy face)
I quite liked the look, but it's hard to maintain and my bangs get greasy after only one day :( Inspiration PRO fringe:
Erika Van Tielen, Belgian actress

Kerry from Yours Truly: mayor hair inspiration! 

Christina Hendricks, in real life and as Joan in Mad Men. Bangs definitely help creating a retro look!

Love the curls.
Inspiration for no fringe:

Amber again, love her bun or 'messy bunhead' as she calls it :)
Please help me out! I really don't know what to choose, fringe or no fringe. What would you do?

Siel xo
PS: Yes, I only chose redheads for inspiration. Because it's just the most beautiful hair colour :D

September 19, 2011


(the title is just 'Brussels' but in Spanish. Sounds so much more exotic, no?)

Hi everyone! Yesterday I visited Brussels with my family, after first dropping off all my stuff at my new room in Leuven! I'm moving to a bigger place, and I already love it. Is it too nerdy to say that I can't wait for the new school year to start? :D
Anyway, afterwards we went to Brussels, where it was a 'car-free' day: no cars allowed in the city and all public transport for free. Unfortunately I couldn't go shopping, but we visited some nice places that were opened to public for this day only. 
I love seeing Arabic signs in the street. The pink letters say 'Islamic Buchery'.

The building of Tour & Taxis, with tram rails dating from 1907.

Of course we couldn' resist taking cheesy pictures in these awesome chairs. I almost flashed my underwear several times, because this dress is SO SHORT! Especially if you're used to wearing midi dresses most of the time :)
My sister definitely is a better model than me, we had to re-do my picture almost 10 times ö

I love these old bus stops.
Next stop: Café Greenwich, an amazing decorated tearoom in Art Deco-style. It reminded me of Ladurée in Paris (must visit when I go to Paris in November!), with the green and gold ceilings and walls.

Beautiful, isn't it? I love this kind of old buildings.
There was a  long queue for the toilets, but only for the beautiful design: where do you find toilet sings like these, eh?
Galleries of Saint Hubert, close to the Grand Place of Brussels.
Apparently this is 'Ready to wear' or 'prêt-à-porter' in Arabic.
One of the shops in the Galleries. The chocolate looked delicious and superexpensive. Love the glass decoration on the ceiling.

The town hall of Brussels and 'Broodhuis', a museum at the Grand Place. It was already raining cats and dogs when we got here, must love the Belgian weather!
 What I wore:
Dress: Forever 21
Knee socks & shoes: New Look
Trench: Vero Moda

Hope you had a weekend as great as mine! I also saw my boyfriend for only 5 minutes, but it made my day. Can't wait till school begins and we can spend (almost) the entire day together again! His apartment/room in Leuven is about 2 minutes away from mine, so I'm pretty sure we'll spend a lot of evenings together. To study of course! :D 

Siel xo