August 18, 2011

Project Blogway: Cruella!

Hello darlings! This week’s challenge for Project Blogway was ‘inspired by a childhood movie or fairytale’. Manon didn’t want us to create a costume (damn, I love dressing up!) but ‘inspired by’. It immediately reminded me of my costume I wore last year when we celebrated our last 100 days in high school:

My friend was Tinkerbell, I was Cruella De Vil :) And we were both crazy that day.
(I blurred her face for privacy reasons)

On the ‘100 days’ all last year students dress up and our theme was Disney. We had an awesome day, with lots of fun, games and partying! Every class had to do a little show, and we dressed up as animals from the movie Madagascar. Don’t you love my costume?

Anyway, back to the challenge: I had no choice but being inspired by Cruella, haha. Want to see?

The reason I choose this coat is because when I wore it to school for the first time, my friend (The Tinkerbell one :p) said “It looks like Cruella De Vil’s coat”. She’s so funny.
We’re having the worst summer in years here, but the one day I put on my winter coat, the sun decides to come out and get me all sweaty, THANKS SUN!
Don't mind the weird thing I am doing with my hand, it looks like I have disformed fingers or what?

I don’t know about you guys, but me painting my nails always ends up in nailpolish on my nails AND in the area 2 cm around them. I spend more time cleaning up the defaults than actually painting! I'm such a noob.

Do you like my Cruella inspired outfit? I think the ressemblance is striking, haha! Should have worn my Cruella wig though...

Siel xo

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Edit: My thoughts go out to the people who were at Pukkelpop festival yesterday, a sudden storm killed 5 people and many are injured. I almost had to cry when I watched videos of the incident, it's really awful. Respect to the organisation and especially to all the people on twitter who set up a huge action to help people get home, contact their family, get a place to sleep etc. It' feels good to see how we support each other in times of need <3