August 10, 2011

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward

The title of today's post is a Spanish proverb, and I thought it was appropriate because I'm showing you the second part of my holiday photos today! Prepare for even more photo overload :) That saying may be right for Spanish people, but not for us! We only had one day to visit Seville so we definitely didn't 'do nothing and rest afterward', I tell ya. Anyway, here is part one of Seville (we took A LOT of photos). Enjoy!

We first visited the 'Reales Alcázares de Sevilla', a Moorish palace. Amazing interior!

Posing for mum :)
This was the only day on holiday I didn't wear red lipstick, and I felt naked! I look much healthier with red lips. From now on I'll wear it every day. The only thing I hate about lipstick is that you can't kiss properly! (aka without my boyfriend having lipstick all over his face...) 

More pretty decorated walls and ceilings:

Pretty, no?
Of course, no palace without an enormous garden:

That's only the part we could see from the castle. Seriously, it was so huge you could walk all day in it! And if you'd need some rest, there are some beautiful benches for you:

The couple in the background was having their wedding photo shoot in the Alcázar. I'm not blaming them: if I could choose where to take my wedding photos, I wouldn't do it on the Belgian countryside!
(Don't mind me btw, I look awful. Told you I need some lipstick or I look sick/tired!)

Some other photos:

View on the Giralda Cathedral

Arabic calligraphy!

View on Seville from the Cathedral tower

Next (and last, have no fear) part of the holiday coming tomorrow! Or you know, soon...

Gah, looking at these photos makes me want to go on holiday again! Normally I'm not going anywhere (especially because I have no holiday job aka no money) till November, when I'm planning on going to Paris with my boyfriend. Can't wait! 

Siel x

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