August 2, 2011

Holiday photo abundance pt. 1

Hello lovers! I didn't blog for over a week, but I have been busy with other stuff and some things happened in my family, but now I'm back! And I now proudly present the first part of my holiday photos, so be prepared for some serious picture overload...

The swimming pool & view from our house

The view, love that lonely tree ;)
We stayed in a house close to a little town called Villanueva de la Conception, where only one or two people could speak a few words English. Thank God I brought my 'Spanish for dummies' book, I learned quite a bit of Spanish while I was there!
Sister & me at Antequera & 'the Lover's Rock', rock that looks like a face!

Village of Antequera

Sign in Arabic, so proud I could read it!
On Sunday we visited Antequera, a nearby village. We ate some really good and cheap tapas (1,5euro per person, drinks included OMG!) and visited the ancient city and castle. It was built during the Moorish period in Andalusia, that's why of course I find very interesting because Moorish = Arabic and you all know I'm fascinated by the Arabic/islamic culture. Anyway, the next day we decided to do something active (because no, I'm not always that lazy) and went for a walk in a national park:

Animals! Also: huge thistles, over 2 metres high!
Me, cheesy!

My favourite picture so far! Acting crazy :)
The park is famous for its eh, animals and stones. God, my holiday is so interesting! Love those pancake-stones though.
A sunset photo to end the day:
Next day was my birthday (hooray!) so we went to visit Cordoba. Obligatory birthday girl picture:
Now, for the city: the main 'attraction' is the Mezquita, a cathedral and formal mosque, built in the 8th century:
tower of the Mezquita

typical coloured arches
The 'Mihrab', indicates the position of Mecca

Are you bored yet? I'm almost done, don't worry. The most important part of the day is yet to come:

Tapas! They were delicious, especially the orange soup/sauce in the left corner of the photo, it's called salmorejo and it's a cold soup and it's very famous in Andalusia. I also drunk some a lot of white wine. Hey, it was my birthday!

After the tapas we visited a Moroccan teahouse (told you I adore all things Arabic!):

The teahouse was very nice decorated, just look at those walls:
I want those tiles in my bathroom now.

Last photo of the day:
Posing like real models (not). I realise I look sort of pregnant in this dress, why???? I guess it was the tapas abundance :)

That's it for part 1! Hope you enjoyed it, there are lots more to come :)

Siel x

PS: I really need to change my blog layout, my pictures come out small and it annoys me. But being the html noob I am, it will probably take a few days weeks till I can fix this!