August 31, 2011

Knee socks

Shame on me for not blogging for a week! I'm officially a bad blogger. I told myself every day 'today I will blog' but every day something else happened so I kept postponing! Anyway, today's outfit is a little bit crazy. A few days ago, my hair was so greasy you could bake fries in it, but I was too lazy to wash it and decided to try out the turban look! My mum and sister told me I looked like the cleaning lady, but I kinda like how it turned out. I need to perfect it still a bit, but I think it's a great way to disguise your greasy hair, haha. So, today I'm staying home to be lazy AGAIN so I put on something comfortable but I quite liked my outfit. I added the scarf-turban for a splash of colour!

Of course I don't walk around the house wearing high heeled boots and my bag, but I imagined wearing those when I would have to leave the house.

I bought these overknee socks a few weeks ago and I love them. When I first wore them, my parents started to comment on them, saying I looked like a schoolgirl or even Black Peter! And when I became annoyed because of them disapproving of my sock-outfit, they said that if you wear such 'weird' outfits, you have to bear with the comments and reactions of people. This made me wonder: Do we need other people's approval? Should you not wear something because other people may not like it? It's what you wear, and if you like to wear it, DO! My parents said "If you don't wear normal clothes like normal people, you get reactions, you asked for it by wearing this outfit." So what, now everybody should wear jeans and T-shirt every day because that's "normal"? Is that what they want, that everybody wears the same, becomes a wallflower and that there is no more creativity? I hope not! I'll just go on wearing my kneesockes, turban, "grandma skirts" and other "abnormal" clothes, as long as I am happy with it. What do you think?
Top, shorts, bag: H&M
Socks, boots: New Look
Cardigan: Vero Moda
Scarf: thrifted


Share your opinions! Do you sometimes don't wear an outfit or piece because you're afraid of other people's (negative) reactions?

Siel xo

August 24, 2011


Hi folks! I intended to take pictures for Project Blogway today, but it rained almost all day so that'll have to wait. (Hope I'm still in the running, btw. I need some votes! Like Project Blogway on facebook and like my photo! Thanks!) Instead, I have some random photos I took with my new Blackberry (my baby, as I call it), hope you like it!

I did something crazy with my hair, inspired by Amber's 'Gigantic Messy Bun Head' tutorial. Kinda liked the result though! Don't mind my crazy face :)
(Yes, you can see how I took my picture in the mirror, whoops)
OnSaturday I wen to a sort of street feast in Kortrijk, not far from where I live. There were Brazilian samba dancers and salsa music and OMG the weather was hot and sunny!
Nailpolish & dress I was wearing.
I love white wine. After three or four glasses, I switch to funny mode, suddenly everything seems utterly hilarious, SUCH FUN
(Note: I wasn't drunk. That glass fell off the table just by itself, I swear. Ahem)
Waiting for the train, wearing flats!!! ( = unicum in my life) Result: 4 blisters. I guess I'm back to wearing heels all the time?
My mum bought me this little poster for my room. If I ever buy a car, I want this one.
I went to Antwerp yesterday and the Forever 21 store is almost opening! Can't wait.
We also went for sushi! Can't get enough of those yummie sushi & sashimi rolls. I didn't like those green beans (on the right), they just tasted like... stupid beans? Don't know what the fuss is about.
Glad my boyfriend liked them.
Some of my shoes. I like having them exposed in my room, so I can look at them from time to time. And stroke them. Ahem.
Thinking of making this (Chicken korma). It looks yummie but you need a lot of spices that I don't have! It's from Jamie Oliver's 'Ministry of Food' book, I love it. I may have a little celebrity crush on Jamie ö
Last photo: Nothing special, just reading the newspaper... :D

Do you like this kind of posts? Next time I'll show you some more outfits, I've been feeling kinda inspirational these days! 

Siel xo

August 22, 2011

Hello Sailor!

Today I grabbed the opportunity to take outfit pictures outside, as we're having a few days of nice weather. I'm wearing my new favourite skirt, my sister and parents say it's a grandma skirt but I don't care. I'm the one who's wearing it so I should like it! The fabric is so soft, I want to stroke it all day. 

I'm using my parents' camera these days, the pictures are definitely better than with my own old camera, but I do want a good DSLR myself! I'll be working for two weeks in September so I already know what I will spend my money on...
I call this my sailor outfit, everything blue and stripey screams sailor to me! 

Top, skirt: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Shoes: Stradivarius

This outfit is also Shoe Save # I-have-no-idea (must sort that out, I totally lost count of saved/unsaved shoes), my polka dot sandals I bought on holiday in Seville, and my first pair of wedges EVER:

I have to admit I don't remember my toe nails not being painted red. I have an awkward relationship with my feet (i.e. I hate them) and bright red toe nails make them look less ugly! Or so I say to myself. 
Oh, and meet my new lover:
I bought my boyfriend's Blackberry, because it doesn't work with his sim card and he has a lot of problems with it. Can't say I feel sorry for him, haha! I'm already quite addicted to my baby (the phone, I mean, not my boyfriend. Although he's quite addictive too!).
Thanks, darling!

Siel xo

August 18, 2011

Project Blogway: Cruella!

Hello darlings! This week’s challenge for Project Blogway was ‘inspired by a childhood movie or fairytale’. Manon didn’t want us to create a costume (damn, I love dressing up!) but ‘inspired by’. It immediately reminded me of my costume I wore last year when we celebrated our last 100 days in high school:

My friend was Tinkerbell, I was Cruella De Vil :) And we were both crazy that day.
(I blurred her face for privacy reasons)

On the ‘100 days’ all last year students dress up and our theme was Disney. We had an awesome day, with lots of fun, games and partying! Every class had to do a little show, and we dressed up as animals from the movie Madagascar. Don’t you love my costume?

Anyway, back to the challenge: I had no choice but being inspired by Cruella, haha. Want to see?

The reason I choose this coat is because when I wore it to school for the first time, my friend (The Tinkerbell one :p) said “It looks like Cruella De Vil’s coat”. She’s so funny.
We’re having the worst summer in years here, but the one day I put on my winter coat, the sun decides to come out and get me all sweaty, THANKS SUN!
Don't mind the weird thing I am doing with my hand, it looks like I have disformed fingers or what?

I don’t know about you guys, but me painting my nails always ends up in nailpolish on my nails AND in the area 2 cm around them. I spend more time cleaning up the defaults than actually painting! I'm such a noob.

Do you like my Cruella inspired outfit? I think the ressemblance is striking, haha! Should have worn my Cruella wig though...

Siel xo

PS: We have to collect votes now for Project Blogway, please vote for me! Just 'like' my picture on the facebook group. Thanks!

Edit: My thoughts go out to the people who were at Pukkelpop festival yesterday, a sudden storm killed 5 people and many are injured. I almost had to cry when I watched videos of the incident, it's really awful. Respect to the organisation and especially to all the people on twitter who set up a huge action to help people get home, contact their family, get a place to sleep etc. It' feels good to see how we support each other in times of need <3

August 16, 2011


Hello lovers! I've been busy with lots of things, so not much time to blog. But I already have tons of ideas for future post: outfits, Project Blogway challenges etc. that I hope to show you soon. For tonight I'm leaving you with some inspirational photos, hope you enjoy it!


Tick Tock Vintage

Both taken from my tumblr

The Stylish Heart

Gary Pepper Vintage

Flashes Of Style

Source: Polienne

Yours Truly

Alexa Chung

Topshop A/W 11

Elaine from Clothed Much

Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman
Who is your inspiration?

Siel xo

August 10, 2011

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward

The title of today's post is a Spanish proverb, and I thought it was appropriate because I'm showing you the second part of my holiday photos today! Prepare for even more photo overload :) That saying may be right for Spanish people, but not for us! We only had one day to visit Seville so we definitely didn't 'do nothing and rest afterward', I tell ya. Anyway, here is part one of Seville (we took A LOT of photos). Enjoy!

We first visited the 'Reales Alcázares de Sevilla', a Moorish palace. Amazing interior!

Posing for mum :)
This was the only day on holiday I didn't wear red lipstick, and I felt naked! I look much healthier with red lips. From now on I'll wear it every day. The only thing I hate about lipstick is that you can't kiss properly! (aka without my boyfriend having lipstick all over his face...) 

More pretty decorated walls and ceilings:

Pretty, no?
Of course, no palace without an enormous garden:

That's only the part we could see from the castle. Seriously, it was so huge you could walk all day in it! And if you'd need some rest, there are some beautiful benches for you:

The couple in the background was having their wedding photo shoot in the Alcázar. I'm not blaming them: if I could choose where to take my wedding photos, I wouldn't do it on the Belgian countryside!
(Don't mind me btw, I look awful. Told you I need some lipstick or I look sick/tired!)

Some other photos:

View on the Giralda Cathedral

Arabic calligraphy!

View on Seville from the Cathedral tower

Next (and last, have no fear) part of the holiday coming tomorrow! Or you know, soon...

Gah, looking at these photos makes me want to go on holiday again! Normally I'm not going anywhere (especially because I have no holiday job aka no money) till November, when I'm planning on going to Paris with my boyfriend. Can't wait! 

Siel x

PS: I changed my layout a bit, do you like it?