July 5, 2011

Vamos a España...

In less than a week I'll be on holiday in Andalusia, Spain! I'll be staying there for a week with my parents and sister, and I'm looking forward to it. We'll visit some beautiful cities like Cordoba and Seville and chill in our beautiful 'cottage':

Can't wait to be there! I'm very happy there's a pool, because over 30 degrees = I die. And if I stay in the sun for longer than 10 minutes without sunscreen, I look like her. But only worse. 
My mum told me there's also a hot tub in the house, say what? In case we're cold or what?

I'm especially excited to go to Cordoba, because it was one of the cities founded by the muslims on the conquest of 'Al-Andalus' in the Middle Ages. And you know I'm a sucker for all things related to the Arab and islamic world. There are some beautiful Arabic buildings in Cordoba, especially the Mezquita:  

Pretty, no? We'll also visit the Alcazar of Cordoba, a medieval castle:

I'll be celebrating my birthday on holiday! July 12th, fyi ;) So I can decide where we go and what we do on that day. I think I'll choose to go to Seville:

I've heard that you can do some great shopping in Sevilla, so I know where I'll be spending my birthday money...

The most difficult thing for me now is packing my suitcase! I'll be away for only one week, but I just want to take all of my dresses and skirts and shoes with me! I'm still having a quite busy weak ahead: two days of working at my dad's office, going to Leuven to clean my room and get my exam results, seeing my boyfriend again when he gets back from London (I couldn't be more jealous, seriously!) and having a reunion party with my friends of primary school. The hardest thing for me will be missing my boyfriend for more than a week, I didn't see him for two days and I already miss him so much! During school year we spent almost every minute together so not seeing each other for days is quite hard. Last Saturday we went to Antwerp and had a great time! I didn't buy anything in the sales (he did though) since I'm on a shopping ban for a while, but I must say I had a really hard time walking away from these beauties:

New Look, £27,99
They are really amazing in real life! I liked none of the shoes that were on sale, and the ones I did like were sold out in my size. Of course I loved all the 'new collection' shoes (that always happens to me when I'm sale shopping, all the pretty things I like are not on sale!), but I couldn't justify another shoe purchase... I hope the boyfriend brings them from London, haha ;)

Siel x