July 9, 2011

I'll be back!

I'm leaving for Spain tomorrow! Or actually today, as it is already over 1am in the morning. I WAS planning to schedule some posts during my holiday, but I had to work two days and had so much stuff to do that I didn't have time to do that. Sorry! But I'm sure you'll survive one week without me, no?

I do have some great news: I got my exam results today and I passed everything!!! So now I'm having 3 months of holiday. Couldn't be more happy! 

I'm leaving you with one of my Project Blogway outfits, the theme of this week was Festival look:

I'll do an entire outfit and Shoe Challenge post about it when I'm back from holiday! Sorry for the short post but I have to get up in 4,5 hours but I really wanted to let you know that I'm gone for a week :) See you next Saturday!

Hasta la vista! ;)

Siel x

PS: The poll isn't open when I'm writing this now, but it will be in a few days (I think!) So would you do me a favour and vote for my festival look here (in the left sidebar)? I'll be forever grateful ;)