June 27, 2011

This girl has been shopping...

Hello my lovers! Are you enjoying the beautiful weather too? I stayed inside almost the entire day, because it was just too hot for me outside! I didn't sit in the sun because a) I don't have sunscreen here and therefore I will look like a tomato after sitting in the sun for longer than ten minutes and b) I love my pale skin, so I just decided not to get a tan, HA!

Anyway, I had my second last exam this morning and it went better than I had expected, but still difficult! Philosophy is just not my cup of tea... But to reward myself for the hard effort, I went shopping. A little. I just went to H&M and OMG the sales have already started! So I bought these:

A blue pleat skirt and a black pencil skirt,  10 euros each! The hat and sunglasses I bought from Facebook. Apparently 'facebook shops', where people sell stuff they don't need anymore for ridiculously low prices (I bought the hat for 2 euros and the sunglasses for 1,5 euro) are the new thing now! You just browse through the pictures of clothes, accessories, jewellery etc. and bid on an item you want! Easy peasy :) You can find some lovely items here (This 'shop' is from Leuven, but I suppose you have them for every big city. It's easier for picking up the items so you don't have to go to the other side of the country to get them) 

I also went to Think Twice Vintage, Annebeth's favourite vintage shop. After seeing so many beautiful dresses and skirts she bought there, I'd definitely wanted to check it out. And OMG, this store is like vintage PARADISE! Not kidding, I think I tried on about ten skirts and dresses. And everything is between 7 and 20 euros! Compared to 'normal' stores today, that's really cheap. So I ended up buying two skirts:

God, I'm really into skirts lately! They're both pleated skirts, each one cost 10 euros! I'm so going back there. I already saw a pretty dress, but apparently it was 'new collection' so it will be available in five weeks, so that sucks. 
Seriously, still not over that shopping experience! I've visited vintage shops before, but they only had smelly old clothes that nobody wanted or haute couture vintage that was waaaaaay too expensive. Thank God for T2 Vintage, I'm addicted already!

Now my wallet is empty, so it's time to go studying again, I have my last exam on Wednesday (Turkish, yay!) but it will be easy, so instead of learning Turkish grammar and vocabulary I watched Desperate Housewives on my pc. I love that series, and it was the only thing I was capable to today in this freakingly hot weather. And my room is on the second floor and on the sunny side of the house so it's almost like a sauna here. I am sweating like a pig all day! Very attractive, yes.

Siel x

PS: I always pin my hair up when I'm studying, usually in a bun or pony tail, but a few days ago I tried something crazy (it's quite messy, I know there are some tutorials on youtube on making this hairstyle but I just tried some things out):

My boyfriend called me Minnie Mouse for the rest of the evening :)