June 30, 2011

Project Blogway: Rock Chick

I don't like my outfit of today. It's not really ME. But the reason why I forced myself to wear this rock chick look is of the Project Blogway contest I'm participating in! The lovely Manon organized this blogger competition, I think it's a great initiative to bring Belgian bloggers together. Every blogger who joins has to submit an outfit, and there's a weekly theme. So this week's theme is Rock Chick,and I had some difficulties to dress rock chick-like: At the moment my closet is filled with dresses, skirts, polka dots, florals and bright colours rather than black, leather, studs or other rock chick appropriate clothing. But a few years ago, I was in a rock/metal/emo phase (we all have that phase in puberty, don't we?) so I still had my Arafat-scarf in the back of my closet, and a more gothic looking dress. Wanna see?

Dress: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Scarf: Found on a market in Germany
Tights: H&M
Belts: my sister's
The photo isn't great quality, but what did you expert (I feel like Uma Thurman in that stupid Schweppes commercial now, haha) from a photoshoot failure like me? I do like my red wall though, I think I'll make this my usual photoshoot location.

So what do you think? It's not very creative or original, but I had to work with what I've got!

I look angry on every single picture I took, maybe it's because when I think of 'rock chick', I think of Taylor Momsen and she's always frowning too. Or maybe I just don't like my outfit, or my shoes that already started to hurt after wearing them for ten minutes.

Anyway, I hope I'm not out in the first round already, all the other bloggers look so good! But I tell myself that participating is more important than winning, right?

I'm really getting back in the blogging rhythm, I wasn't able to update much this month because of my exams, but now that they're over, I'll try to blog every two days from now on! I already have lots of inspiration and posts in my head :)

Siel x

PS: To make me feel better, I wanted to share a photo where I do look good at once! And my boyfriend loves this pic, so darling, this one's for you ;)

EDIT: You can vote for my outfit now on the Project Blogway website! I'll be forever grateful ;)