June 7, 2011

New shoes + inspiration

Don't you just hate it when the postman doesn't ring the bell but just leaves a note that you should get your package at the post office? Gah. 
Especially when your package contains these:

(Sorry for the slightly blurry pic, my camera is acting weird lately... Time for a new one, me thinks)
Anyway, my new shoes! I got them in the New Look sale, for only £10 (not that I would spend more on canvas flats. Heels, however...)

I love them, althought they're not really 'my style': I even had to get used to walking without heels, haha!
My mum was kinda reluctant too, she asked what on earth I would wear with them. Well, I got inspired by some of these looks:

Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

The Style Voyager

Can't wait to wear them on holiday!

Fail of the day: this morning I read an article on brunetteblogging.com: Kim wrote that it annoys her when pictures on a blog aren't the same size and I thought: Yes, that annoys me too! And now I notice my picture sizing look like shit, whoops. In my defence: I'm such a noob on photo editing that I have now idea how to fix this... Anyone who can help? 
(Feeling so dumb now.)

Anyway, two days to go before my first exam! No stress (yet) but just can't wait till exams are over, in desperate need of SHOPPING BABY

Do you like my new shoes?

Siel x