June 13, 2011


Hello my lovers!

I've been doing almost nothing but studying for my exams, so I didn't really have time or inspiration to blog! My life is pretty boring right now, so nothing to blog about I'm afraid... But I searched for some lovely photos instead! Most of them I took from my tumblr (Pay a visit if  you didn't already) I could spend hours browsing through all those beautiful pictures on Tumblr! Seriously, it's my new addiction.


Normally I'd add the sources, but if you check my Tumblr, you will see them there. Hope you like them, I'm thinking of doing more of these inspirations posts so let me know what you think!

Siel x

PS: I bought ANOTHER pair of shoes a few days ago! (I know, I know...) A pair of red ballet flats from H&M, only €10! Well yes, I needed a pair of red flats. And they matched my new red uhm, underwear. SCORE 
Now I only need that perfect red lipstick I've been dreaming about and I'll be totally matchy-matchy! 

PPS: I still didn't get my pictures on the same size, I think I should resize them in Photoshop or something, but you know, I'm the laziest person in the world so yeah... I'll figure it out, SOMETIME. I promise! 

PPPS: It's been like AGES since I did my last Shoe Challenge, I'm so way behind! I just keep buying more shoes and not taking outfit photos. But, as soon as my exams are over I'll charge my sista' with the awesome job of taking my outfit pictures! Hope it will be better than last time we tried to do that...

And now I'm really off!