June 25, 2011


Yesterday I watched Hairspray, one of my favourite movies. I love the story, it really makes you think about the way we judge people by their appearances, whether it's their size or the colour of their skin. And I agree with Annebeth, I like the fact that the handsome guy falls in love with the not-so-perfect girl! You should really read her post about the movie, it's so much better written than mine :) After watching the movie yesterday, I had a whole text prepared in my head, but after today, the only thing in my head is philosophy... I think I'm going crazy.
Anyway, another reason why I love this movie is because of the costumes! Being a sucker for fifties-sixties style, I watch Hairspray drooling over the dresses and perfect hairstyles.

I know she's the bitch in the movie, but aren't her dresses adorable?
I think I love the outfits of the black people even more, so colourful and pretty.

Sight. Now I'm really dying to make my own fifities-style dress and learn to dance like those fellas. I watched the movie a few years ago with a friend, and on the DVD there was an extra feature where you could learn the dance moves of the movie! Of course we tried it, but it was just SO DIFFICULT! No idea how they do it. But one day, I'll learn it...

Oh, Seaweed <3
Do you love Hairspray?

Siel x

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