June 2, 2011

Family party

Last weekend, there was a party for my little niece (I still call her 'little' because she's the youngest of our family, but she's 12 already), and the whole family was invited. My aunt organised a whole day in 'Western theme-style', we even had to bring our cowboy hat (I didn't, because it didn't match my dress. Fashion above everything!). We were invited at 9 am for a delicious breakfast:
Don't mind my face, I guess I was overwhelmed by all the yummie food! And it was quite early in the morning...

As I said, the theme was Western, so there was also this:

A rodeo bull! (I hope that's the correct word, but I think you all see what I mean?)
As you can see, I quite enjoyed the ride. I managed to stay on it for almost 30 seconds. Score!

From left to right: Jana (my 'little' niece, who is in fact almost as tall as me, but I'm cheating because I'm wearing heels), me, my cousin Jorn, my niece Nina and my sister Fem. Or as my uncle called this photo: Jorn and his harem. Don't we all have that 'funny' uncle in our family? Well, I have 3 of them. Such fun!
(If you're reading this, uncles: love you!)

My sister didn't want me to publish this photo because her hair looked a little bit uhm, wild. Sorry, sis!

After breakfast and a bull ride, it was still a surprise where we would go next! As for me, I had to take the train to Leuven to study, because I couldn't allow myself another day of not studying. But as I heard from the rest of my family, it was a lot of fun! They did a tour with a little train, had some delicious food, learned how to line dance and saw an Elvis impersonator, haha. I enjoyed uuuhm, the studying. NOT.

I love the dress I'm wearing btw, it's 50s inspired and from New Look, so pretty and cheap! I wore my green shoes that day, but I wish I had brought my flats, because by the end of the day my three Blisters had made their comeback. YAY

I wish I took some photos of my entire outfit, so I could make a Shoe Challenge of it. Ah well, I  will definitely wear those shoes again! And that dress <3

Siel x