May 29, 2011


I've been a bad blogger. The last time I updated was 1,5 week ago, and it's not because I don't want to blog! It's just... This is how my last two weeks looked like:

Oh, and also uhm, this:

(Don't mind my face)
Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I have been doing lately. Exams start on June 10th, and I'm not ready at all. I have 7 exams, which is quite a lot!  It's all very interesting, but nobody likes studying all day long, I think.

I will try to blog a few times before exams start, as a sort of break between the studying, but once exams have started I think it's best that I shut down my computer and lock it up in my closet or something. Seriously, internet is so addictive! And also: dangerous for my wallet, because I saw some shoes and dresses I like in the New Look sale. And a coat on Etsy. And a few pairs of shoes on the Topshop website. And... Ahem. It's a good thing I don't have a visa card, so I always have to ask my mum to buy it for me ("Another pair of shoes??? Don't you have enough now???"). 

Also totally random: I want this:

Blackberry Curve 9300
After I have been using boyfriend's Blackberry for a few weeks, I really want one for myself now!

God, I really have to start saving money from now on...

Now, back to work! 

Siel x