May 18, 2011

New shoes!

OMGOMGOMGOMG-moment of the day: Those green shoes I was drooling over last week? Those who were sold out in my size EVERYWHERE?

I asked for my size in the store and the ZARA guy (my hero) went upstairs and came back with my pair. It was like he came down from heaven, haha! I almost kissed The Shoes (yes, they deserve a capital) when he gave me them. My boyfriend probably thought I was becoming crazy, but who cares? I was happy all day, so he can't complain.

I just love looking down on these! They're the perfect shade of green (this photo is more close to the real colour, they really are bright green), I like to call it 'Lacoste green': My boyfriend wore his green Lacoste polo today and a couple of people said we were totally matchy-matchy!


What I don't love is this:

Excuse me to put photos of my feet on the internet, but lucky for you I'm not showing you everything: I have another two Blisters (They are so big they deserve a capital letter, yes) on my right foot so yes, that sucks.

But still: love them. I think I just have to break them in. When I put them on this morning, I thought it would be alright to wear them all day, but NO, it wasn't. I hope the blisters are gone in a few days because I have a family party on Sunday and I would love to wear my darlings then.

I bet you're all tired of these shoes by now, aren't you?

I know that the pointed toe was disturbing me a little when I wrote about them last week, but as Annebeth said, they look great with a retro skirt! I don't really like them with jeans, but that's not really a problem for me as I wear skirt and dresses all the time lately!

Now I'm off to do some studying, cooking and a bath for my poor feet! ;)

Siel x