May 3, 2011

Childhood Memories

Someone lately told me that I haven’t changed since I was a little girl. This was quite a shock to me, because I really have changed since then! Sure, I still like the same things (excuse the quality of some of the photos):
I love hanging around with all my friends:

I've always loved playing music:

I loved dressing up and posing:

Reading was already one of my hobbies long ago:

As much as calling my friends:

And sleeping:

Luckily, I'm not totally the same anymore. For example, I hate gardening:

And cleaning is my arch enemy:

I managed to eat without making a mess:

Thank God I still like cute polka dot dresses!


Tonight my boyfriend's sister is making dinner for us! We're so spoilt. She has an apartment in Brussels, so maybe I can go for some shopping while I'm there! Yes.

Siel x