April 19, 2011


Shoeperwoman introduced Shoesday today: Every Tuesday (or so I think) you have to show what shoes you are wearing. So, today is nothing special for me: I'm wearing my new ballet flats from New Look, but I wish I didn't because they hurt like hell. Seriously! The elastic backs rub my heels so I only can wear them wearing 3 plasters, whoops. Thank God I wear heels most of the time... It's quite funny: I can wear heels all day long without them hurting my feet (or you know, a little bit maybe) but flats are terrible! And it takes me so long to find a proper pair of flats that fit me, I have no idea why. I'm just born to wear heels every day, I think ;) I don't really mind!

Siel x

PS: I have a real post coming up, but at the moment I'm catching up with my school work, yay!