April 23, 2011

Photoshoot FAIL

Looking at awesome blogs (like The Styling Dutchman, love her blog!), I had the thought: Hey, why have I never done a photoshoot/ outfit post?  I'll tell you why: After one hour of photographing with my sister, the result was: 73 bad photos and about 2 good ones. So, I guess that's why I never do an outfit post!

Trying to 'pose'

Impossible to stand on one leg for longer than 0,5 seconds.

My sister (who always looks good on photos! Maybe not on this one, but still) & me. Excuse my face.

I became so desperate I even started to hug a tree...

Wow. Is that... a decent photo of me????? Am I really not looking weird? Wow, I finally learned it!

Oh no, I didn't. Whoops!

Yes, I am wearing my glasses! More on that later :)

Since this is actually an outfit post (Yes it is. Because I'm wearing an entire outfit, consisting of uhm, one dress.) I'll have to tell you something about this dress, shouldn't I?
Well, I bought it last year on a school trip in Canterbury. Nothing special about that, except that my new boyfriend (*blushes*) studied in Canterbury for seven years. So now this dress is special. (Yeah, you all expected a spectaculair story, didn't you? Sorry.) The only problem is: I never wear this dress outside the house because it's so freaking short!

Also: Can people please stop saying I look so pale? I'm tired of hearing that 'I should get a tan, because my legs are WHITE.' Most gingers look pale and have freckles! And I think I'm going for the pale beauty-look this summer, Dita Von Teese-style. Or Snow White, if you like. (Yes, the Disney Princess)

Do you always look good on pictures? Or do you, like me, have to take a million photos before you have one where you don't look like a complete weirdo?

Siel x