April 27, 2011

Help me decide!

I need a new bag. And this time I really NEED one: my bag I use to go to uni broke (one of the buttons fell off, so he's completely broken now. YES.), so I have to buy a new one. Which is quite hard, because I can't choose! I'd like to have a sort of satchel, but it has to be big enough for my books and food and stuff. I really love this one:

ZARA, €79.95
 But I find €80 a little but expensive! I do like the colour...
I just added the link in case you'd like to buy it for me? No?
(Hope my boyfriend is reading this.)*

River Island, £36.99
 I like this one too, but I 'm not sure about the colour...
ASOS, €39,36

This one is my favourite so far. It's actually a briefcase, but I like the colour so much! The price is reasonable, although it's not leather...

H&M, €19,95
 This is the cheapest one I could find! But I'm in trouble with the colour: I never wear something brown, more black-red-blue, so I don't know... I could buy the black one, but I think it looks cheaper in black. Oh, and it's not leather of course, so it won't last that long.
Topshop, £60
I like the 'nerdy' look of this bag, and the lace! But then again, £60... It's leather though.

Sacha, €34,95
I know this isn't a satchel or any bag I can carry my books in, but I just really like this handbag, so I wanted to show you.

Please help me choose! Which one is your favourite?

Siel x

*Kidding! But it'd be nice, though ;)