April 20, 2011

Electric blue

Electric blue (or cobalt blue) is my new favourite colour (after red, of course). Our love affair began when I saw these shoes:

It was love at first sight. The colour, the shape, the high heel... I wanted them! Unfortunately I couldn't afford them at the moment, but lucky for me a friend bought them for me as a birthday present. I think I almost kissed them when I took them out of their box...

Look at that heel (little bit dirty) and the purple sole! Sight...

Enough drooling: I've searched for some electric blue dresses and shoes to show you. If I may say so, I find it a good looking colour on redheads! ;)

Joan Holloway from Mad Men

The lovely Amber  from Forever Amber in a gorgeous dress

Miranda's bridesmaids dress from SATC the Movie
Dita Von Teese never gets it wrong.

I love PinUp Girl Clothing, and this dress is one of my favourites.

lovely coat, source


Christian Louboutin, of course!

Mulberry Bayswater

Carrie's wedding shoes by Manolo Blahnik
Do you like this colour?

Siel x

PS: I had the best date of my life yesterday! ;)